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Adlington currently has a new fleet of LPG powered generators which are fully operational in the UK. The setups are complete with hybrid battery technology, and the evidence suggests that we have the most sustainable generator power solution available in the market. Our ECO products also include hybrid and solar power.


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Many industries have been turning to HVO in an aid to reduce emissions, classing it as the green diesel, however the Rainforest Foundation Norway along with a number of recent BBC news articles, state something very different. It is reported that the thirst for bio type fuels, HVO and HEFA is contributing to the net increase of greenhouse gas emissions due to the indirect land use changes. The BBC also state that HVO, used cooking oil and all bio type fuels are causing direct or indirect deforestation.


The Adlington LPG generator solution is a turnkey temporary power solution that fills the gap over the next 10-15 years before hydrogen becomes available at a sustainable cost. Our LPG generators provide a practical and sustainable power source for your projects, allowing you to meet your immediate power needs while also contributing to a greener future.

Our LPG generators are the perfect choice for the construction sector, offering a wide range of benefits that make them a superior power source. With 90% less emissions compared to diesel engines, our LPG generators are environmentally friendly and sustainable, helping you to reduce all the harmful pollutants from that of diesel equivalent. 

Adlington currently has a fleet of LPG power generators fully operational in the UK. The setups are complete with hybrid battery technology, and the evidence suggests that we have the most sustainable generator power solution available in the market until the arrival of a hydrogen economy.

Affordable, reliable, flexible and sustainable power
is critical to our modern world. As we see a shift towards a lower carbon future and a drive towards a hydrogen economy, Adlington is ready to be your partner with the supply of LPG onsite temporary power providing a pathway to net zero.


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90% less emissions than diesel


Adlington’s LPG Solution Revolutionises Costain’s Site Power, Delivering Environmental and Operational Benefits

In today’s world, where sustainability and eco-friendliness are becoming increasingly important, finding alternative energy sources has become a necessity. At the Adlington Group we are proud to be launching a new LPG generator that is set to revolutionize the UK temporary power market.

The Project:

The Adlington Group is thrilled to announce our latest achievement in the LPG power journey: the successful installation of the first full rental specification LPG generator and fuel tank solution in the UK. Our innovative solution is currently powering the site compound for the £1.2 billion Chelmsford A12 project of the renowned construction and engineering giant, Costain. In addition to our LPG generator, the site is also powered by a large battery storage unit, a solar array, and a wind turbine, supplied by TCP. Costain’s commitment to reducing diesel use on their site led them to reduced their generator size from an initial 100kVA to 40kVA diesel, to our LPG generator, which massively reduces emission while still powering their compound effectively. On this project, our scope of work extended to delivering and installing the full LPG setup, ensuring its compatibility with the additional renewable equipment, and conducting ongoing fuel management in collaboration with our UK- based LPG supplier via remote telemetry monitoring. Our patented LPG tank design enabled a quick and easy setup on-site, minimizing disruptions and allowing Costain to make progress efficiently.

The LPG Generator:

Our LPG generator solution is a game-changer for businesses looking for a reliable and cost- effective power source. Unlike stage 5 diesel engines, our generator requires very little servicing and maintenance and runs off a cheaper fuel source, making it an extremely low- cost solution. To ensure the accuracy of the manufacturers’ emissions claims, we recently arranged for independent testing by the Imperial College of London. The results were astounding, revealing that our LPG generator produces 90% fewer harmful pollutants than its diesel counterpart. In addition, we conducted noise testing and proved that our solution is also 30% quieter. LPG is proving to be the most eco-friendly viable alternative to diesel until alternative fuels like hydrogen or rDME arrive and we are pleased to offer this solution of a quiet, dependable, sustainable and cost-effective power source.

The conclusion:

We are excited to follow up with Costain in due course to find out just how well the generator performs for the project and how much of a cost saving they made by making the switch to LPG.

I’m utterly impressed and surprised at how simple the installation process was, and how exceptionally quiet the LPG Generator runs. The Adlington team has done a phenomenal job, their innovative and sustainable solution has exceeded our expectations so far and we can’t wait to see the difference in fuel costs and emissions over the coming months.

Conrad Proctor, Costain Works Manager

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To help reduce the running times of any generator, a hybrid battery pack is solution to provide site power at periods of low load. The fully autonomous units, use the excess power produced by the generator, stores the power in a large bank of industrial battery pack.


We can supply a large range of solar lighting equipment to keep noise and emissions down in the middle of the night.


Condor Energy Pod CEP-401 is a Micro Power Grid, harvesting power from four renewable sources within one innovative unit. Wind, Solar, HVO fuelled onboard generator and Lithium-Ion Battery Power Pack.